Reunion 2000

Thursday Night Pizza Party

Ahhh! Here comes the lady with our beer! We are waiting for our beer! Yet we still smile in expectation!
Wayne Pickett, Bill Ramey, Ken Kirkland Dave Baker and "Albert Honey" Stoll

Tony's Pizza - Bremerton, WA

Ack! How did that other sub chant go, Mr. Brown? I was a non-qual once!
Guy "Flood" Freeman Jerry "Brownie" Brown Ken Riley


AHHH! A fine brew! Get your hands off my chub! EAT ME!
Dean White ????? Denis Schletzbaum


Cold Beer! Good Shipmates! Good Times! I better start drinking this beer, there's another full one in front of me!
Dick "Dickey Two Stars" Litcher, Mike 'Seapig' James John Dale


Your not trying to take a picture of me stuffing my face are you? Well Mr. Pig! Are you ready to hit the bar?
Will Longman Jon Sutton and Mike "Seapig" James

A Parche Style Kick Line
(The floor nearly buckled under the weight)

You don't have to call me Darlin' .........Darlin'
Ken Henson, John Dale, Wayne Pickett, Jon Sutton, Mike James, Albrt Stoll, Bill Ramey, Frank Turban

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